A former Snow College cashier who embezzled more than $300,000 from the school over a 10-year period was sentenced Wednesday to probation and a year in jail.
    Vickie C. Murray, 57, of Ephraim, was charged in Manti's 6th District Court with 23 counts of communications fraud, all second-degree felonies which are punishable by up to 15 years in prison.
    She pleaded guilty to eight of the counts, and the rest were dismissed.
    Murray was employed by the college from April 1984 to April 6, 2007.
    Sanpete County Attorney Ross Blackham said Murray was the head cashier, but worked at the counter taking student payments and cashing checks in addition to supervising other cashiers.
    "She skimmed from what was coming in, a little at a time," Blackham told The Tribune.
"The college audits their operation on a regular basis," he noted. "But I've seen a lot of good auditors who don't catch embezzlers." 
Murray, who spent all but $5,500, claims she turned herself in.
    Blackham said Murray's self-surrender came in the course of being asked "hard questions about some of her accounting procedures by a supervisor."
    Judge David Mower fined Murray $1,000 and ordered her to pay $315,000 in restitution to the college.
    The judge placed Murray on probation for 36 months, but reserved the right to lengthen the probation if Murray needs more time to pay the restitution.
     - Stephen Hunt