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October 13, 2008


Faustas Glenn

"A deadly outbreak of cholera in Iraq is being blamed on a scandal involving corrupt officials who failed to sterilise the local drinking water because they were bribed to buy chlorine from Iran that was long past its expiration date."

It's upsetting that we're still having problems like this with clean drinking water, despite that we've had chlorine in the mainstream for over 100 years ago. I've done some work for the American Chemistry Council and I know how readily available chlorine is, so the fact that there are still outbreaks like this is heartbreaking.

Danielle Richmond

"It seems that drinking water in Iraq, like the US, can give you diseases like cholera, unless you add chlorine to the water that is not TOO old."

Yes, you have to make sure that the chlorine hasn't expired, and in this case that's what looks like happened. Either way though, they should definitely continue to distribute chlorine to Iraq's drinking water, the last thing we need are huge outbreaks of water born diseases. I've done some work for the American Chemistry Council, and in celebrating the 100th year of having chlorine I hope we don't begin backpedaling in the coming years, especially in third world countries.

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