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July 18, 2010


Michael Hughes

Dear Mr. Jochim-

First of all thank you for reading and commenting on my site, I welcome other perspectives at all times.

As far as your critique, I did read the actual report and not only the AP article. I copied excerpts directly from the report and have a link to it in the 3rd paragraph of my article.

I did read the responses and they were honest and sounded like: "yes, we know we have issues, it's broke and we are fixing it."

You are right that part of the audit did pass with deficiencies but part of didn't meet standards.

I still have a hard time believing they didn't have an electronic filing system in place (I read the response and I know they are working or have one now - not the point). But that is what it said in the report.

I've never audited anything in a war zone, but as a former sourcing and procurement manager and consultant I've audited a ton of expenses and the first step is to get the data. So the lack of an electronic filing system for that long really blew me away.

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